Investment strategy

The CoCo Alpha Bond Fund was developed to provide investors with broad access to attractive interest-rate bonds in the long-term low interest rate environment.

The CoCo Alpha Bond Fund intends to generate continuous returns by recovering interest and exchange rate gains. Short-term fluctuations are accepted.

In tracking the investment target, the Fund uses both quantitative, qualitative credit and in/direct market price analyses to identify attractive bonds for the fund portfolio.

In particular, the fund focuses on investments of bonds issued by banks, insurance companies or other financial intermediaries or issued in the near future.

The CoCo Alpha Bond Fund invests more than half of its fixed assets in bonds, the majority of which are corporate bonds, and pursues a wide spread of investment opportunities and risks across credities, maturities, credit structures and countries.

The asset manager takes an active approach and can thus, for example.B, manage the portfolio exposure in CoCo bonds, durations or credit bonilines very flexibly and is not tied to any benchmark with the fund. Derivatives can be used for investment and hedging purposes.

The fund is suitable as an admixture for riskable investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon. Investors must be able to accept any price losses. The risks are set out in detail in the prospectus.

Investment approach

It is an actively managed fund. The asset manager therefore adjusts the portfolio allocation within the limits set out in the prospectus on the basis of his market assessment.

The portfolio of the CoCo Alpha Bond Fund is broadly based and invests mainly in corporate bonds. The Asset Manager has defined the following target corridors to guide investors:

  • Bond maturities: 3 to 5 years
  • Volatility bandwidth: 3 to 5% p.a.
  • Credit quality: BB to BBB
  • Earnings target: 3 to 7%

Investment profile

The fund is suitable for investors with a medium-term investment horizon who are looking for stronger capital growth with higher risk tolerance. All investments involve risks, for example through value and profit fluctuations. In addition, investments in foreign currencies may be subject to currency fluctuations. 

The risks are described in detail in the prospectus . Additional information is available in the Publications section.

Share Classes

The share classes allow both professional and private investors an uncomplicated investment.

Share ClassR EURR USD
Start Date22.07.201421.07.2014
Management Fee1,25%1,25%
Performance Fee10% HWM10% HWM
Min. InvestmentEUR 100USD 100
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