Investing in attractive bonds

Contingent Convertibles

Contingent convertibles, also known as CoCo bonds or CoCos, are a special form of bonds typically issued by banks and similar financial firms. The special conditions of these bonds allow the investor to obtain a more attractive interest rate than traditional bonds.


The CoCo Alpha Bond Fund was developed to provide investors with broad access to attractive interest-rate bonds in the long-term low interest rate environment.

The CoCo Alpha Bond Fund intends to generate continuous returns by recovering interest and exchange rate gains. Short-term fluctuations are accepted.

In particular, the fund focuses on investments of bonds issued by banks, insurance companies or other financial intermediaries or issued in the near future.

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AIF Alternative Invest Finance AG is one of the first independent asset management companies in Liechtenstein. Since 2006, we have managed assets for private clients, institutional investors and corporate clients worldwide. We offer UCITS funds that have an excellent long-term track record, daily liquidity and low to no correlation with other market indexes. Brokerage services for fixed income and structured products complete our investment offering.

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